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You know what I really love?

I love the fact that people assume that I can hear properly.

I love the looks of surprise I get when I tell someone that I need them to do something differently so that I can understand them. I love the patronizing statements of "You're doing so well!" in regards to how well I communicate with people1. I love the freakshow I become when I tell someone that I can only hear in one ear. I love how people think it's appropriate to test this by shouting in my deaf ear2.

I also love how TV programmes will advertise themselves as having subtitles, and then not show them. I love how they can disappear halfway through for no reason. I love it when the subtitles have been fine until a certain point when they suddenly decide to show what someone is saying a whole minute before they actually say it, or a whole minute after. I love how, sometimes, they start showing subtitles for a whole different episode/programme for no reason. I love how, in the case of one channel, they don't show subtitles for anything, because people who need subtitles can't possibly enjoy comedy.

I love all these things. I really really do.


PS: We may need a "rant" tag. Because I've got a feeling that I'm going to be using it a lot.

1Seriously, I've really had that. I'll take the I couldn't tell! type statements with something close to good grace, but that took the biscuit.
2Again, that's really happened.
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Hard of Hearing

January 2012