Jul. 8th, 2009

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You know what I really love?

I love the fact that people assume that I can hear properly.

I love the looks of surprise I get when I tell someone that I need them to do something differently so that I can understand them. I love the patronizing statements of "You're doing so well!" in regards to how well I communicate with people1. I love the freakshow I become when I tell someone that I can only hear in one ear. I love how people think it's appropriate to test this by shouting in my deaf ear2.

I also love how TV programmes will advertise themselves as having subtitles, and then not show them. I love how they can disappear halfway through for no reason. I love it when the subtitles have been fine until a certain point when they suddenly decide to show what someone is saying a whole minute before they actually say it, or a whole minute after. I love how, sometimes, they start showing subtitles for a whole different episode/programme for no reason. I love how, in the case of one channel, they don't show subtitles for anything, because people who need subtitles can't possibly enjoy comedy.

I love all these things. I really really do.


PS: We may need a "rant" tag. Because I've got a feeling that I'm going to be using it a lot.

1Seriously, I've really had that. I'll take the I couldn't tell! type statements with something close to good grace, but that took the biscuit.
2Again, that's really happened.
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(Disclaimer: I am not hard of hearing. Please correct me if I say anything stupid.)

This is a discussion I have had so many times with people who say that they are good at public speaking, they can project their voice and so they don't need a microphone. Apparently they cannot understand that the microphone connects to the hearing loop, so for people who rely on their hearing aids being switched to T and using the loop, no matter how much they're good at shouting, it won't help.

Similarly deserving of a slow death are those sound-desk operators who sit there listening and reckon that if they can hear an okay balance coming through the speakers, it's probably alright, rather than picking up the headphones in front of them to check that what's coming through the loop is also balanced okay. Remember, people, some musical instruments are acoustic, and sound loud if you have no trouble hearing, but if they aren't miked they don't come through on the loop properly. You need to adjust the sound balance for both.


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