Jul. 11th, 2009

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i have many friends who are hard of hearing / nearly deaf but i've found that we all have the same equipment... hearing aids and other things from Phonak. i don't think Phonak has monopoly on the market in Denmark, but it made me curious what else there is. my first hearing aids (which i got in Iceland, before i moved to Denmark) were not Phonak but unfortunately that's so long time ago that i don't remember the brand. i do know that my first ones were analogue but all the others i've had after that have been digital (save for once i had my hearing aids in for repair and got a set of analogue aids in the meantime) and i muchly prefer the digital.

i've got Phonak Savia Art hearing aids (a not so good photo here but it's the only i have) in beautiful pearl-shine white. to go with them i've got a Phonak  FM sender and two receivers (one for each aid) to assist me when i'm in school. some of my friends like to use the FM system at all times, but i have only needed this help in a classroom when there's 30 people writing notes, whispering, flicking pages, doing all sorts of stuff that accumulated makes quite a lot of noise that masks the teacher's voice.
i really like the FM sender because the T function hasn't always been optimal for me, and sometimes the line has been broken or disturbed. however, i do still have the T option in my hearing aids so i can choose to use it in the cinema or at public places where it might be applicable (such as the church).

do any of you use extra equipment and if yes, in what situations? do you pay attention to design and colour? i've previously had blue hearing aids, silver and boring  neutral brown and have often been told that 'you're so brave for wearing coloured hearing aids that everyone can see!' -for me it's not about being 'brave' but about the fact that i want my stuff to look nice (even if it clashes with my hair) and as a bonus people might notice i have them - so i might save two minutes of my life of explaining 'i don't hear so well so can you please etc....'

and as a little curiosity...how easy do you find it learning new languages? my deaf friends don't really manage (or want to) which is understandable, my hard-of-hearing friends are generally not interested (and many of them are really bad at other languages) so i've always wondered if it's me being weird about the language aspect. i speak 3 languages fluently (icelandic, danish, english), german half-fluently (sorry - i just have some ingrained dislike towards its utterly illogical grammar) and i'm currently learning finnish. i also speak both danish and icelandic sign language but i must admit i have forgot a lot of it because i haven't used the danish one in five years and the icelandic one in ten years. :/


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