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Dear bank I bank at,

Why do you hate me? I know I'm not your best customer, but you have made a lot of money out of me by way of fees in the past, so it balances out. You know my logic makes sense here.

All that aside, why do you keep insisting that I need to be signed up to telephone banking? I asked you to take my telephone number off your records months ago (which it turns out you didn't, thanks for that) because I can't hear properly. I can just about understand people over the phone if I try, but it's tiring and I make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that I really can't afford to make when banking.

Can't you do something about this, like maybe putting a note on my file saying that I can't hear properly or something? Anything so that I don't have to explain it every single time I go into the branch. It wouldn't just help me - it would save several of your cashiers from having to hear me complain about it for a start (the one I saw today went from having body language which said "stop whinging" to "oh shit, sorry!" so fast when I said I couldn't hear properly, it was almost funny. Almost.).

No love,

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Date: 2009-11-26 01:25 am (UTC)
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Gah, speaking of banking-- why do numbers have to sound so similar over the phone? Five and nine, fifty and sixty, -ty and -teen... I always have to triple-check that I'm hearing anything numeric correctly over the phone. And spelling? If it's not "C as in Charlie", I can't hear the difference among half the alphabet.

But I digress...


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